Implementation Plan


Year 1


Designate the City of Berkeley Health, Housing, and Community Services, Aging Services Division as the Backbone Agency and obtain funding to support the Aging Services Manager in coordinating the initiatives


Solidify Action Teams

Use the potential partners list to identify regional, city, and community based team members for each priority area

Form a Leadership Team

consisting of 5-7 champions from relevant sectors (the City, local residents, health, transportation, business, etc.) to guide implementation of the action plan

Create Communication Network

Identify City staff to be contacts for work within the City. All City Departments will be responsible for the Action Plan recommendations.

Commit to the Action Plan & Work on Year 1 Goals

Community partners and city staff coordinate Year 1 activities for each priority area Leadership team finalizes funding needs and plans strategies to support year 2-3 recommendations

Develop Shared Metrics

Action and Leadership team members Identify and agree on high level indicators and set up a framework using Results Based Accountability to measure progress in years 2-3

Communicate Results of Year 1

Develop an online dashboard using the Age Friendly website to inform the public and track progress. Ensure that the Commission on Aging is continually updated and consulted

Year 2-3

Prioritize and begin work

on the remaining recommendations in collaboration with City and community partners

Work on Year 2-3 Initiatives

Community partners and City staff work toward Year 2-3 targets

Monitor & Improve

Monitor progress and continually improve processes using the Results Based Accountability framework

Communicate Results of Year 2-3

Use the online dashboard on the Age-Friendly Berkeley website to inform the public and track progress


Create a culture and community

that is inclusive, equitable, and

accessible for people of all ages.

The Goal of Age-Friendly Berkeley