On behalf of Berkeley, California and its residents, I am proud to present this three-year Age-Friendly Berkeley Action Plan. This roadmap, developed by residents, community organizations, and the city, demonstrates our commitment to a livable community where all generations are included and are able to thrive.

Older adults are at the heart of our community and a vital part of the fabric of our neighborhoods and civic life. Rapidly changing demographics drive the timing of this effort, with the number of residents 65 and older expected to more than double by 2030 to over 1 in 5 people in the city.

In 2016 under former Mayor Tom Bates, Berkeley was accepted into the World Health Organization and AARP’s network of Age-Friendly Communities, which now includes over 300 US cities and 37 countries. This Action Plan addresses several areas identified by the World Health Organization as key to ensuring an aging-friendly environment.


Create a culture and community

that is inclusive, equitable, and

accessible for people of all ages.

The Goal of Age-Friendly Berkeley


Planning was driven by the community through surveys, focus groups and discussions with community non profits and city departments. Three objectives emerged from this work that inform the recommendations. The action plan is designed to:

  • Enable people to remain in their homes and communities as they navigate the transitions of aging

  • Maintain and enhance the ethnic and economic diversity of Berkeley

  • Ensure that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the social and cultural assets Berkeley has to offer.

We look forward to forming broad partnerships across all sectors of our community including residents, nonprofit organizations, business leaders, faith communities and others as we move forward with these recommendations. Because services and supports cross city and regional boundaries, we will continue to work with neighboring cities and counties to address common goals.


“An age-friendly community enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age. It is a place that makes it easy for older people to stay connected to people who are important to them. And it is a place that helps people stay healthy and active even at the oldest ages and provides appropriate support to those who can no longer look after themselves.”

— World Health Organization


Berkeley is uniquely positioned to address the needs of our rapidly growing older adult population and maximize the benefits of creating a more inclusive, equitable and accessible city. An extensive 2 year planning process has engaged residents, city officials and staff, nonprofits and community partners. Continued collaboration will be vital as we move forward with our next steps.

Age-Friendly communities benefit all of us and this Action Plan is part of an evolving community process for generations to come. For questions or additional information see or contact Aging Services at (510) 981-5200.


Jesse Arreguin
Mayor, City of Berkeley